Pakistan's Trade Complementarities with OECD Countries

Keywords: Pakistan’s export, trade complementarity index, Un-com trade


This paper has made an empirical analysis to ascertain complementarities of Pakistan with OECD countries. The objective of the study is to check how well the export of Pakistan matches with the import of OECD countries in order to find out the suitable courtiers, with them Pakistan can boost its export. Annual data has been taken from Un-Com trade’s webs site over the period 2001-2015, based on SITC Rev.3 at two digit level. 96 Product categories as a whole, and used Trade Complementarity Index as a measure for assesses Complementarity of Pakistan with all OECD countries that are 33 in number.

Result of Trade complementarity indices shows that if the answer of TCI is more near to one that is more favorable and well match partner for trade. Most of the results of our study are above 0.2 that means Pakistan export partially match with the most of the countries just answer of hungry is below than 0.2 meaning that Pakistan needs to fuscous upon all OECD countries for boost its export.

Author Biographies

PHD Candidate at SEFB, University Utara Malaysia

Director at Asian Research Institute of Banking and Finance

University Utara Malaysia