Responsibility of Global Corporations towards Human Resource to Attain Competitive Advantage: A Review


  • Syed Hussain Haider
  • Muzaffar Asad.,PhD
  • Mina Fatima


Global Corporations, Human Resource, Competitive Edge, Leadership


This article reports the responsibility of global corporations towards their human resource and activities to attain competitive advantage through creation of competitive human resource. By enhancing value to the industry in which the corporations operates, human resource can secure its place for the future. In the current era which is unpredictable the growth, deployment, and augmentation of human resource cannot be undervalued. It is difficult to mobilize and to achieve progress without essential human resource. Global corporations have to remain competitive for survival. To remain competitive corporations have to hire and retain best human resource to meet the changing economic environment and changing preferences of the customers.

Author Biographies

Syed Hussain Haider

Chief Strategy Officer
Akhuwat, Lahore

Muzaffar Asad.,PhD

School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Management Studies,

University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Mina Fatima

Institutional Development Expert,

P&D Department, Government of Punjab