The Change Management Strategy in the Private Sector Insurance Companies after Covid-19


  • Meshal Al Kahtani



change management practices, insurance industry, organizational success, leadership organization development expertise, organizational culture


This study would discuss the concept of change management and organization development as well as discusses the strategies for the insurance industry private organizations to incorporate change within it. Moreover, the study would identify the changes that were incorporated by the organization during the different pandemic situations of the past and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This research followed the quantitative research method by collecting responses from 163 participant’s non-random sample, who answered the questionnaire survey which was distributed to specific employees working in private insurance companies in Dubai from different levels. The survey conducted by sending the link through email and via WhatsApp. The results showed that the private insurance companies applied different change strategies during COVID-19 and planning to implement more plans after pandemic to reach their goals and achieve customer satisfaction in order to survive and compete with others. The researcher concludes that the insurance private companies got an increase in revenues in some services but on the other hand they struggle from some issues like others, however, some recommendations provided at the end of the report.


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Author Biography

Meshal Al Kahtani

College of Business Administration, American University in the Emirates, Working at Dubai Media Incorporated as TV Presenter