Critical Thinking in Research and Analysis for Business Development


  • James McKee., PhD


critical thinking, development, information, strategic planning, analysis


The aim of this paper is to highlight the need for more emphasis on the research and analysis required to obtain the right information needed for effective business development. The research examines the literature for examples of good practice for business research and analysis, which would lead to obtaining the most advantageous information for guiding the business. The result will show that insufficient attention is given in business studies to the analysis required to sift through vast amounts of available and interesting data for the critical useful information. More attention needs to be given to understand what information is most useful to the strategic development of the organisation. The limitation of this investigation is that the research is not empirical but normative in approach, but the practical result indicates that if more analysis subjects were included in business studies there will be better-trained managers available. These managers would be better able to develop their organisation by having more meaningful information available to guide them in their strategic planning role.


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Author Biography

James McKee., PhD

Retired - Wollongong University, Australia