JRAS Policy Manual

JRAS Main Policy


  • The website content creation of this journal follows highly professional and ethical standards.
  • JRAS provides easy navigation to its webpages. The website of the journal does not accept any advertisement and not involves in any commercial activity.


  • The primary target group of the JRAS mainly includes academic researchers and scholars.
  • All the content of this journal is original and includes double-blind peer-reviewed and review research papers.
  • JRAS only accept manuscripts written in English. 

Name of Journal

  • The name of this journal is selected carefully and focused only one single field, the detail of this information mention here: http://jraspublications.org/index.php/JRAS/about
  • JRAS has no associations with any other conference or journal.

Publication Schedule

  • JRAS publishes its issues semiannually on June 15th and December 15th each year


  • The full text of articles of the journal is freely available online in the archival section. The user does not need to register themselves for the readership of JRAS. The full text/abstract is freely available.
  • In order to ease the user, this journal has one dedicated URL for all the information that mainly includes Aims and Scope, Editorial Board, Author Guidelines and Plagiarism Policy, Quality control systems and licensing.

Organisation of content

  • JRAS have a user-friendly structure of its archive with having publication dates of all the volumes, issues and single articles on the website.
  • JRAS has a well-defined table of content for all published issues and all the articles have a page number from starting to end page.

Archiving and preservation

  • This journal work under the Open Journal System (OJS) which is clearly mentioned on the JRAS website.

Contact Information

  • Contact information of the journal team is mentioned on the contact information page. All the email ids of JRAS staff do not use any free domain emails


Editorial Policy

  • This JRAS has a detailed webpage of the Editorial board with a link mentioned on the journal's home page.
  • This board composed of diverse international members of editors having expertise in their research subject areas.
  • All the information about editors is available on the editorial team page which includes names, updated contact information and the affiliations that board members have.

Quality Control System

  • In order to maintain the high standard and quality of this journal, we are backed by rigorous quality control systems that include the double-blind peer review process of each article submitted to our panel.
  • The manuscript is selected carefully and kept anonymous, no reviewer is a part of the editorial board of JRAS.
  • Step by step process information and flow chart of the review process available on the Quality Control page on the website here: http://www.jraspublications.org/index.php/jras/Jrasqualitycontrol
  • Submissions in the journal do not imply publication. Publishing of article is a sole decision of the independent reviewer
  • JRAS does not allow reprint (except in special cases) and multiple submissions.

Author Guidelines Policy

  • JRAS provides detailed authors guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts that includes style guide, description of quality control, copyright information, plagiarism policy, articles submission guidelines, and contact email.
  • This journal follows COPE guidelines to deal with the allegation of misconduct related plagiarism, fabrication, manipulation of citation of article and data falsification occurred.

Cost and Charges

This Journal does not charge any fees form the authors/readers

    • Submission Fee  = No
    • Processing Fee   = No
    • Publication Fee = No
    • Article reading = No
    • Hidden Charges = No

The process is transparent and authors have access to the complete full articles.

Plagiarism Policy

  • Any article submitted to JRAS should contain zero plagiarism, and the submission has not been previously published, nor is it submitted to other journals for consideration. Once the author is submitted a manuscript, the editorial office of JRAS shall conduct a preliminary check of plagiarism, in case of a quote the plagiarism must not exceed (>15%). If the plagiarism founds greater then 15%, it would be rejected straight away. JRAS reviewer’s board also check plagiarism simultaneously and make recommendations for further consideration of the submitted manuscript.

Copyrights, Publishing Rights, and Licensing Policy

  • This journal work under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  • Copyrights of articles published in JRAS belong to authors. Copyrights are mentioned on both webpages and individual articles.
  • The process is transparent and authors have access to full articles
  • Authors also have a license to republish, redistribute and create articles