Transitions into Non-Contractual Work Status: Experiences of Migrant Retirees in the UK


  • Jackson Adams., PhD


Retirement, Work Mobility, Migration, Life Course Transitions, Aging Worker


The Current study investigates how in shifting from work to non-work status, the retired migrants become engaged in recreating their own identities which affect their decisions in regard to their choice of post-retirement residence place. The choice – to stay in the UK or to go home - seems to be structured by the cultural and personal background as well as by the conceptualisation of the notions of ‘retirement’ and ‘home’.

The western-based life course perspective was adopted to interpret and explain the retirement experiences of non-western workers. Methodologically, the study was based on the interpretations of the narratives of some research participants, their social behaviours, psychological and emotional cues. The findings have revealed a diversity of conceptualisations of the notions of ‘retirement’ and ‘home’, and hence different retirement experiences and post-retirement decisions.


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Author Biography

Jackson Adams., PhD

Essex Business School &The School of Law, University of Essex, United Kingdom