Participative Management in Public Enterprises: A Study of J&K Industries Ltd


  • Shabir Hassan Banday., PhD


Participative management, public, enterprises, managers, workers


The purpose of this study is to unearth the perception of managers and the workers of the enterprise regarding the concept of and willingness to workers' participation in management decisions. It also aims at identifying the areas in which both the parties (managers and workers) percept the participation of workers. A survey was conducted on the basis of a Self-administered questionnaire with managers and representatives of shop floor workers of a public-run enterprise. The findings of the study highlight that the information feedback by managers exhibits that they have in generally accepted the idea of workers participation though, in some specific areas identified in this study, further the results of the study highlighted that they all are of a strong opinion that workers need to have effective participation in the decision-making process. This would lead to a strong and healthy environment in the enterprise. Also, it could help to develop understanding and cooperation between managers and workers.


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Author Biography

Shabir Hassan Banday., PhD

City University, College of Ajman, UAE